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Stained Glass, Leaded & Beveled

Anandha Stained Glass, Leaded & Beveled

The perimeter surface of beveled glass is grounded and polished at an angle to the remaining surface of the glass. This angled edge causes light passing through it to bend and separate into colours of the spectrum, producing a rainbow effect when it strikes a solid surface. The edges of a beveled glass can be both straight or curved. Its size varies from one square inch to a few square feet. When seen in proper light, it is both dazzling to the mind and the eye. Our concern is primarily on customized bevels which consists of many curves and sizes. These bevels cannot be achieved with modern day bevel machinery as they are limited to straight and fairly large curves only.

The common method of making stained glass is to carefully cut pieces of glass, and set them in lead calms. The calms are small bars of lead grooved on either side of the glass so that they can be slotted in and held together. Where the calms accurately join each other, they are soldered together. The whole mass of interlocking lead and glass is gradually built up into a panel - which after being soldered on both sides, is a manageable unit. After making the panel water tight by rubbing putty into the cracks and carefully cleaning any excess off, it is ready to be assembled into a scheme of many panels, building up into a total window.

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