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Etched Glass

Harathi Etched Glass

Sand-etched glass, or commonly known as sand-blasted, engraved, carved or sculptured glass is the technique by which any type of glass is obscured and then eroded, resulting in an engraving or bas-relief glass panel.

At Avatar Glass Art, we produce sand-etched glass panels by abrading the surface using equipment that blow various grit and sand through a ceramic nozzle; very similar to the way paint is sprayed from the nozzle of a spray-gun.

The effect of sand-blasting is similar to acid-etching but has more density, depending on the grit of the sand used. It is possible to carve deep into the glass with sand-blasting, producing shadowed areas of 3 dimensional effects. Sand is propelled by compressed air from an air compressor with high pressure and very fine sand.

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