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Avatar Glass Art Pte Ltd, locally incorporated since 1988, has a staff of personnel including management, administration, design, workshop fabrication and site installation. The workforce can claim a total of eighty years of experience in the field of stained glass fabrication, glass etching skills, glass painting, glass fusing and a host of other related works. In promoting its image, Avatar has proven to be a highly competitive and very effective outfit, striving to achieve excellent product quality through outstanding designs and crafts.

At Avatar, we know and realize the importance of fulfilling and satisfying our respected clients; requirement to the detail. It is in our wisdom to think that we should not give our client the opportunity to raise negative comment throughout the duration of a project, even up to its installation stages. By maintaining this philosophy, we at Avatar know that we have earned the recognition to be an excellent leader in this business.
Our scope of work can be elaborated when necessary and need not be restricted to the expertise of glass alone. We have coordinated works with various Architects, Interior Design Consultants, Designers, Developers, Building Contractors, etc. from an idea to realization. Bearing in mind that the ultimate aim has always been to produce excellent masterpiece works that would be fully appreciated.

Every piece of work produced to date has been custom designed and never repeated. In this respect, you will note from our list of completed projects that Avatar has been commissioned and appointed not only for its expertise in glass but also for its wide knowledge in matters connected to glass and décor in general.
Avatar's confidence and professionalism is reflected in its interesting designs, and its skillful careful approach to detail for creation of a flawless final product that commands appreciation. Perhaps these skills and talent may sound rather intimidating, we are, on the contrary, open to your participation. Our desire is to produce only the best works. Because we know, that most of all, it requires that all important: SPECIAL TOUCH OF GLASS.

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